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February 10 2012


Getting ready for the greatest Paintball Experience

Being a traveller plus a paintball enthusiast, with it that I reach play paintball out of all locations where I visit. Each country and city supplies a unique paintball experience, then one of the finest I had is paintballing in Reading. Playing paintball elsewhere require preparations. This short article provides tips that will help you plan for that ultimate paintball experience with different places.


Tip #1 Do your research

Prior to deciding to pack your bags, make sure that you have already "Googled" the weather with the place in your visit. This can be a lesson I learned once we went paintballing in Reading around January. The snow is fairly nasty and that we must build muscle to feel warm. Wearing a lot of clothing does restrict your movements and movement restrictions may ruin your paintball game. The best way forward is always to visit a location during summer.

Tip #2 Secure permits in case you are bringing your gadgets

If you need to bring your gadgets within your travel, make sure that you have already checked together with your local authorities about the laws that relates to travelling with toy guns. This goes especially true if you're travelling by plane since airport officials are pretty strict with guns (despite having toy guns). You may need to secure permits from authorities beforehand or else you may want to sign in prior to when usual in order to avoid waiting times. You won't want to be detained and mistaken as terrorists, right?

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Tip #3 Bring enough cash

Cities and countries have different economic status. Some countries might be too costly although some like Bahrain are actually cheap because they do not have an income tax. If you happen to visit these types of places, the smallest amount of that you will want to happen operates shattered to see a Breda M37 8mm Machine Gun replica on sale. This also applies to countries like USA where their Thanksgiving sale is a giveaway.

Tip #4 Call and Book the neighborhood paintball game zone

In case you are coming to the place during holidays or weekends, you might want to call and book the local paintball game zone in advance to have a slot. When calling in for a reservation, you need to provide your confirmed duration of arrival, the kind of game you'll be playing and the variety of players per team.

Tip #5 Neat and have your gadgets ready

Pack your mask, marker, paintballs in pods, padded/camouflaged clothing, nice fitting boots, and CO2 tank. Although you can rent or purchase these in your community, others however prefer to bring their very own stuff to ensure uninterrupted fun.

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